Saturday, March 19, 2011

Still going.. kinda

So.. Im not doing so well. Im going over my calorie limit each day. I know im not eating as much as I used to.. but I still KNOW. I hope to be at least the same weight next week as I was last week. If I gain, I will be sad, but its my own fault. I need to stick to grocery shopping, and stick with a meal plan of some sort like I WAS doing at the beginning of this journey. I can still lose up to the 30 pounds, just gotta get back on track.

BREAKFAST: 1 cashew cookie LaraBar... 230 calories

SNACK: cheese.. 200 calories, 1 large Fugi Apple.. 110: 310

SNACK: Crackers..120 cal

LUNCH: Steak strips and veggies.. 420 calories

SNACK: Chocolate covered raisens... 210 calories

DINNER: 1 small banana: 90 calories

NOW.. if I had just gone home I would have been good on my calories. But.. nope. I went to a friends house and had 2 pieces of pizza and two bread sticks. >.<

Total calories: 1380 calories

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  1. Hang in there - motivation comes and goes, just as easily as it goes, it comes back. That's my experience anyway.